GM OOI Hock-Lye (Special Advisor)
Grand Master Ooi currently holds multiple Black Belt ranks: 8 Dan by the WKO and UKEMAF with a 7 Dan by the WTF. He is also certified under TangSooDo MooDukKwan and SooBhakDo. Under non-traditional MAs, he is qualified as an Instructor for Pressure Points Control Tactics (PPCT) and Reality Based Self Defense (RBSD) systems.


GM Ooi holds dual citizenships for both the UK and Canada. He is the official Canadian representative for SooBhakDo TangSooDo, head of Ooi’s Martial Arts System (OMAS) and an Executive Committee member of the WKO. He currently owns and operates 3 separate training centers in the Greater Toronto (Canada) area.


GM Ooi started training in the Martial Arts and boxing at age 12, and achieved is first Black Belt in ITF TaeKwonDo in 1968. He is the founding member of several prestigious MA institutions: London TKD/TangSooDo Association; UK TangSooDo Federation; British Association of Korean Martial Arts; UK MA Commission; OMAS. He is regularly invited to conduct intensive seminars in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.



COL LIM Ung-Hwan (President, KWTA)
COL Lim is the President of the Korea World TukKung MooSool (TKMS) Association. TKMS means Special Attacking Military Combat Arts. He was the former Commander, 27th Anti-Terrorism unit. His military skills include Sniper; Diving and Airborne. He is a graduate of several prestigious schools, including Central Michigan and Harvard Universities; US Army Command and General Staff College and the JFK School of Government.


GM HWANG, Young-Jin (Special Advisor; KiDo)
GM Hwang is the SEC-GEN of the prestigious Korea KiDo Association (DaeHan KiDo Hwe), which is the oldest KMA organization in the world. This is NOT to be confused with the World KiDo Federation which is a private enterprise based in the USA. He has spent a lifetime in pursuing, refining and promoting the KMAs, especially HapKiDo and a true gentleman with an open and kind demeanour. He is also the Chairman of the International HoShinSool Group Research Institute; President, China branch, KukKiWon (WTF) International TaeKwonDo Foundation and the Commissioner of Korea’s Police Martial Arts Program. He is ranked 9 Dan in both HapKiDo and TaeKwonDo.

We are honoured that he has taken a close and personal interest in our progress.


GM KIM, Nam-Jae (Special Advisor; KHU)

GM KIM, Nam Jae was one of the most senior masters in the KHF. The 9 Dan GM is the Head of his own Kwan, called Kyung Moo Kwan, and was our direct contact with the KHF until he resigned in early 2015.


GM Sunny TAN Sar-Bee (Special Mention)

Grand Master Sunny Tan Sar Bee’s life storey is one of an individual who, given insurmountable odds at birth to survive, refused to bow down to circumstance. With great determination and a “can do” attitude GM Tan not only survived, but managed to excel despite formidable odds.

Training and living in Korea for years at a time in the late 50’s until the late 70’s, GM Tan studied and sparred with the best. Among his key instructors were Park Hae-Man (TaeKwonDo) and Ji Han-Jae (HapKiDo). Since his first meeting with GM Tan in the early 80’s, GM Lim has continued to forge a close and enduring with bond of friendship with him.


GM PARK, Hae-Man (Special Advisor)

Grandmaster (GM) Park Hae Man began his martial arts career when he saw a demonstration at the Seoul YMCA in 1949. After witnessing that demonstration, he asked his father if he could join the YMCA Kwon Bup Bu under GM Yoon Byung In. His father approved, and GM Park spent six months learning under GM Yoon before the Korean War broke out. Prior to training in the martial arts, GM Park was active as a gymnast.

During the Korean War, GM Park was assigned to the ROK Army Signal Corps. After the Korean War, GM Park studied under GM Uhm and eventually was promoted to 1st Dan in 1954. He first began teaching at Seoul National University in 1955 before becoming the Chief Taekwondo Instructor for the Presidential Protective Forces at the Blue House (ROK Presidential Palace) in 1962. GM Park taught at the Blue House for 18 years.

He is a Chief Instructor’s Instructor at 10th Dan, and was the Head of the WTF Poomse creation committee.


Dato Sri LTC Dr. Alif AIMAN (Julian S. LIM)

 Y. Bhg. LTC Alif Aiman Abdullah (@ Julian S. LIM) is the President of KOMA, and was born in 1959.  He has several academic qualifications from the US and the UK: a Doctorate in Oriental History (Honorary), a MBA in Marketing Management, a BBA and 2 Diplomas. He specializes in Brand Marketing in the civilian world and has the following professional memberships: Institute of Marketing; Institute of Personnel Management; Institute of Business Administration; International Branding Association; International e-Marketing Association; Institute of Commercial Management; International Association of Advertising Professionals; CIDB Green Card Holder.

He is a member with several Military and CT Associations: US Special Operations Command; US 75th Ranger Regiment; US Airborne Pathfinder; US National Infantrymen; American Airborne; 707th Special Missions Battalion (ROKA SF); INT Counterterrorism and Security Professionals; INT Counter-Terrorism Officers; US First Responders Association; US Counter Terrorism Task Force; Institute of Defense and Government Advancement; ASIS INT; Airborne Law Enforcement; INT Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers.


He has worked closely with (and sanctioned by some of) the following Malaysian Government Ministries and Departments: Defense; Home Affairs; International Trade and Industry; Culture, Youth and Sports; Higher Education; Women, Family and Community; Religious Affairs; National Security Council; Royal Malaysian Police.


He started training in TaeKwonDo in 1970 and was awarded the 9th Dan in TaeKwonDo ChungDoKwan (WTF) in 2014. He is also a 9th Dan in HapKiDo SungMooKwan (via the DaeHan KIDoHwe (being one of a handful of foreigners to be awarded this rank) and 9 Dan in HoShinSool under the IHF (KiDo). From 1984 to 1985 he was the Senior Instructor of the Royal Malaysian Para-Military (PPH) Police.  The unit was routinely used against anti-communist insurgents via ‘search and destroy’ sweeps in dense jungle areas.


Aiman went on to serve as Head of Program with the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces Unarmed Combat Institute, where he aggressively headed the development of a (basic) military self-defense system (Close Quarter Combat, or Tempur Tanpa Senjata HapKiDo) from 1993 to 1999. Training was also extended on special request to various individuals from U.S. Army Special Forces (SF), Special Operations Forces (Rangers) and Airborne units (82nd, 101st and the JFKSWC). He received Army goodwill cross training at both Ft Benning and Ft Bragg during 1993 to 1999.


Honorary Military Qualifications include: Master Parachutist; Master HALO; Pathfinder; Expert Infantry Badge; Ranger; Special Forces; Joint Special Operations Command. LTC Aiman held the acting rank of Leftenant Colonel before retiring in 1999.


LTC Aiman was honored by an invitation to join the KWTA in December 2006. The KWTA is the official research and training arm for the ROKA Special Forces and Presidential Secret Service. Their specialty is in Anti-Terrorist First Response via the 707th Special Missions Battalion. He holds the rank of 9th Dan in TukKong MooSool, is the Special Representative for Muslim countries and serves on the Council of Masters. In September 2012, he was elected as President (WPKL State) of the National Warriors Council or Majlis Pendekar Malaysia (MPM).


In 2008, LTC Aiman received a special personal endorsement from none other than Sheikh Muhammad Alawi al-Maliki, a noted key Islamic religious leader based in Mecca. The Sheikh was very encouraged by Aiman’s interest in promoting Tactical Combat and Security Programs internationally, especially into Islamic countries.


On 12 April 2014, by the grace of Allah the Almighty, Aiman was conferred with the honour of a senior State Knighthood (S.S.M.P. atau “Darjah Seri Sultan Muhammad Pertama” or Grand Order of Sultan Muhammad First Class) which carries the title “Dato Sri (Tengku Panglima Tjut)” (Grand Knight Commander). The award is formally registered with and recognized by the Majlis Kerabat Diraja Melayu Malaysia dan Indonesia (Royal Council of Malay Rulers of Malaysia and Indonesia). This honour was in recognition of the over 45 years that Dato Sri LTK Dr Aiman has given to the study, mastery and promotion of the Korean Martial Arts, especially TaeKwonDo and HapKiDo and past contributions as the Head, TTS (Tempur Tanpa Senjata) for the Malaysian Armed Forces as well as being specially certified as an Army Special Forces Master Instructor for the ROK (TukKung MooSool).


He was further appointed the Royal Counsel General to the Republic of South Korea in 2015 by the state of Aceh.




Tony is the designated Executive Officer (XO) or Chief Operations Officer of KOMA. He has been trained in the martial arts from the tender age of 9, starting off in Wing Chun kung-fu and trained by his father who was a well-known martial arts exponent in his time. Tony is currently ranked as 4th Dan in HapKiDo and 5th Dan in HoSinSool.


Tony is Airborne qualified having successfully completed an (Airborne) jump program under the Canadian Armed Forces in Ontario, Canada with 25 static-line jumps to his credit. He has attended several military training programs sponsored by the Thai Marine Recon Forces, including jump refresher courses and basic courses in MOUT (military operations in urban terrain) and CQB (close-quarters battle).

Currently based in Bangkok, Thailand and working as the CEO of a large multi-national telecommunications engineering firm, he spends his spare time in the civilian sports of shooting and air-soft survival games.



Born 9 March 1958, Adrian first started martial arts training with Judo. In 1972 at age 14 he started Kyokushin Karate. While attending college in 1974 (Engineering major) he met two Malaysian students who had started a TaeKwonDo (TKD) club and has been a student since.

In-between studying TKD, Adrian has also studied HapKiDo (HKD), Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing, Wado-Ryu, Shorinji-Ryu and Tiger/Crane Kung Fu. Adrian has also had the privilege to train under the following Grandmasters of Taekwondo: Founder of ChungdDoKwan Taekwondo, GGM Won Kuk LE; GM Hae Man PARK; GM Cha Sok PARK TKD/HKD. He is currently ranked 8 Dan TKD CDK; 6 Dan HKD and 5 Dan SimMuDo.



MST JONG NyanChong

Currently ranked 7 Dan in both TaeKwonDo and HapKiDo, MST Jong was born on 27th April 1957 in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. He has over 40 years in the Martial Arts.  He is the current Chief Instructor (KOMA SEAPAC) of both the states of Sabah and Sarawak (East Malaysia). Jong is an ex – national “Sportsman of Malaysia” and a former athletics coach of Sarawak (Track and Field).



Born 3rd February 1965, MST May is the head of the National Korea Martial Arts in Australia and is National Representative for KOMA SEAPAC; Korea KiDoHwe and the INT HoSinSool Federation. He is currently an Employment Finance Broker and Director of Health and Fitness Centre, and was previously a Youth Justice Community Services Business Owner in Victoria.

Nigel previously competed successfully in Taekwondo and open Martial Arts Competitions with National and State Gold and Silver Medals to his name and went on a complete path of Functional Self Defence with HapKiDo, his passion, and HoSinSul to compliment this. Founding Bendigo Self Defence in 1997 in Victoria the then head Dojang in Australia boasted 200 students with two satellite dojangs. In 2011 Nigel moved to Western Australia were now the head dojang and AUS HQ is based.

As well as the primary arts of HKD, HSS and TKD, Nigel has experiences in grappling arts, boxing and Kenpo amongst others making the curriculum for Australian Students very well rounded. After meeting Grand Master Lim in 2008 he knew this was home and feels privileged to be part of the KOMA SEAPAC family.

In 2013 Grand Master Julian Lim hosted a training and good will seminar tour in Seoul Korea and trained at TKD ChungDoKwan, KiDoHae, TukKong MooSul as well as a top KHF Dojang. With this trip Nigel received papers from the Korea KidoHae for 6th Dan in HKD, as well as a 7th Dan from the International HoSinSul Federation directed by Grand Master Hwang.

His current ranks are 7th Dan HoSinSul IHF; 6th Dan HapKiDo SungMookwan, TukKong MooSool, KHF and KiDoHae; 6th Dan TaeKwonDo ChungDoKwan.


MST LEE Kin-Seng

Master Lee has over 20 years of experience in TaeKwonDo and is qualified as an International Instructor. He was promoted to 6 Dan in TKD CDK in 2011 and has a sound history of coaching the TKD teams of various  institutes of higher education (Universities and Polytechnics) in Northern Malaysia. Furthermore, MST Lee is trained and certified as a Sports Science Coach (Levels 1 to 3) by the Malaysian Sports Council.


MST Alex Ryo NG

Ryo was born in 1983 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He had been involved in number of sports since childhood. Driven by a burning interest in Korean Martial Arts, he first began training in WTF or KukKi TaeKwonDo (TKD) at the age of 8 and has since dedicated himself to learning the culture as well as multiple disciplines of TKD. He obtained his 1st Dan black belt 6 years later.

He also has had outstanding achievements in many national and international level TKD competitions. At the age of 16, he was appointed as an assistant Instructor, and after gaining 2 years of coaching and teaching experience, he become a full TKD instructor. Ryo was promoted to 6 Dan TKD CDK in 2015 as well as 4th Dan in HKD by both the KiDo and KHF, and holds KwanJangNim status from the 2 latter bodies.

Ryo is currently expanding his knowledge base by studying TKD ChungDoKwan (the original style of Korean TKD) as well as HapKiDo SungMooKwan (HKD). He finds that HKD completes his TKD training by adding a layer of realism in terms of proven efficient self-defense responses. Finally, Ryo is also very interested in researching into the ideology, philosophy, and disciplines of other major martial arts.


Dato MST Dato Azhari OMAR

Master Dato Azhari is a graduate from University Technology Malaysia with an MSc in IT Management. He currently is employed as a Senior Manager at PROTON, Malaysia’s national car maker.

Starting his martial art training in 1987 with Seni Silat Gayung under Cikgu Yaakob, he competed regularly until 1992 when he started the study of ITF TKD under Peter Chong where he continued to compete in various tournaments.

He was successful in gaining his Master Instructor status and 6 Dan TKD CDK in 2015 as well as receiving his 4 Dan HKD SMK by both the KHF and KiDoHwe. He also holds KwanJangNim status from the KiDoHwe. He also trains in Silat Lian Padukan.


MST Lionel YAP

Lionel was born in 1970, and to Khu Gek Kim. He is currently ranked as 6 Dan and KJN in HapKiDo (KiDoHwe), and is the deputy (HKD) Instructor to the main HKD SMK dojang at Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.

His objective in life is based on his company’s motto: “Saving the Planet, One Day at a Time” and thus to become a recognized advocate & leader in environment enhancement & sustainable energy generation. His current employer is Solamas Sdn Bhd, which is based in Puchong, Selangor. He is a Project manager in the Energy sector (Solar generation and Energy Savings). On the academic front, he has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Western Australia.

Lionel also volunteers as a Student Advisor for a leading private Christian college. Under the MAs, Lionel also assists in training specialized classes for bodyguards and other Security industry personnel. He has also trained with close quarter combat specialists from Philippines who have trained Presidential Guards & Marine Special Forces for the Philippine Armed Forces.


MST Mark T

MST Mark is a 44-year-old father of 3 children. He is 188cm tall and weighs 98kg. He has been involved in martial arts for almost 30 years and is eligible for promotion to 6 Dan in TaeKwonDo (TKD).

He is a former State Taekwondo Heavy Weight Champion and competed successfully in many mixed martial arts tournaments throughout Australia.

Mark worked as a Security Guard in Melbourne and Central Victoria Night Clubs for over 20 years. After previously starting up 2 very successful TKD clubs in Melbourne’s western suburbs, he now trains with MST Nigel May.


KJN Alton Jong

Alton Jong was born in 1986 and started training in various Korean martial arts with Master Jong (who is incidentally his father) in 1993. He is currently ranked as a 5 Dan in both TKD ChungDoKwan and HapKiDo SungMooKwan (with KJN status via both the KIDo and KHF) and serves as a deputy Instructor in KOMA’s main East Malaysia dojang in Kuching, Sarawak.


David BONG TzeChong

Born in 1975, David is currently ranked as 5 Dan HapKiDo SMK with KwanJangNim status (KiDo and KHF) and 4 Dan TaeKwonDo CDK. He joined KOMA Kuching in 1998 and is a direct student of MST Jong.



SBN Ariffin started his martial arts in 1989 by participating in the indigenous Malay art of Silat and then decided to join Taekwondo in 1991. He has since participated in various competitions at university, district and state levels. His Silat exposure includes Silat Cekak Jawa,  Silat Gayung Ghaib and Silat Lian Padukan.

He has served as the TKD coach to the Polyklinik Sultan Azlan Shah since 2005 as well as being the national coach to the MGTF Taekwondo Champions 2008 to 2010. He also serves as the TKD instructor for various other clubs: Sekolah Kebangsaan Tanjong Malim, MRSMF, Sentosa Martial Arts School, PPSPPA Hulu Selangor Enforcers 2010-2011.  He was promoted to TKD CDK 05 Dan in 2011 and ITF 5 Dan in 2015.


Dato Mohd Azrul IZWAN ANUAR

Dato Azrul was born in 1981 and is currently training in both TaeKwonDo ChungDoKwan  (TKD CDK) and HapKiDo SungMooKwan. He is a professional high school teacher, and has a passion for MAs, music and assisting others vis a vis education.

A former State athlete, he was promoted to 5 Dan (TKD CDK) in 2012..


KJN Rainey SOH Hee-Keat

SBN Rainey Soh Hee-Keat first began his involvement in TaeKwonDo in 1996. He quickly immersed himself into the study of TaeKwonDo. His deepening interests in the Korean Martial Arts encouraged him to pursue his studies further under the direct tutelage of GrandMaster Julian Lim @ Alif Aiman for both TKD ChungDoKwan and SungMooKwan HapKiDo. He is currently 4th Dan in both TKD CDK and HKD SMK (KiDo and KHF KJN certified). He is one of the three TKD CDK head instructors for the Alam Damai Dojang, Kuala Lumpur.


KJN LE Cheng-Foh

Le Cheng Foh started practicing TaeKwonDo in 2000 under Roy Ng Kah-Sing. Since then, he has deepened his love of the art of TaeKwonDo. Through Roy he began to explore to try and gain deeper insights of TKD under Grandmaster Julian Lim @ Alif Aiman in 2009.

At the same time, Le also started his study into HapKiDo SungMooKwan, also under GM Julian Lim as well. In 2011 he achieved his TKD CDK 4th Dan black belt rank.  For Le, practicing both TKD and HKD means not just physical benefits and advancement but also synergizes his understanding in the Korean Martial Arts as a whole. He is currently one of the three TKD CDK head instructors for the Alam Damai Dojang, Kuala Lumpur.


SBN Jason S

Jason was born in 1970 in Victoria, Australia and began training in TaeKwonDo Jidokwon in 1981 at the Bendigo branch of the “Melbourne TKD Centre” under Grand Master Jack Rozinszky (9th Dan). Graduating with a bachelor degree in computing in 1992, Jason moved interstate where he trained under several exceptional instructors including GM JeongTae Kim (9th Dan, 1973 World Champion), Master Vicki Donofrio and Master Pino DonoFrio.

In 1998 Jason moved to Melbourne and resumed training with the “Melbourne TKD Centre” under Master Greg Butterworth (7th Dan) and Master Bronwyn Butterworth (7th Dan). Jason returned to his home town of Bendigo in 2003 and in 2005 resumed training in mixed martial arts with “Bendigo Self Defense” under Master Nigel May and Grand Master Dr. Alif Aiman Abd (@ Julian S. Lim). He is currently 4 Dan TKD CDK.


SBN Casey W
ONG KingChiong

SaBoomNim (Instructor) Cassey is currently ranked as a 4 Dan in HapKiDo and a 4 Dan in TaeKwonDo. Born in 1964, Cassey joined KOMA Kuching in 1966 and is a direct student of MST Jong. He is both a former swimming coach as well as an ex state Polo player.


SBN Robert BLATT (USA Head)

Mr. Robert Blatt began formal martial arts training in 2002 when he had the opportunity to begin extensive private training under Grand Master Tae Jung of the World HapKiDo Association.  GM Jung trained under GM In-Shik Hwang, who is a 2nd generation master taught by the founder of HapKiDo, Yong-Sool Choi.    Training with GM Jung consisted of either 1 or 2 extensive private lessons each week focusing on the traditional aspects of the art.

Building upon 10 years of law enforcement experience as a Deputy Sheriff helping lead a county wide task force during the 1980’s, Mr. Blatt was able to quickly learn many aspects of traditional SungMooKwan Hapkido from incredible Masters and Grand Masters.   After approximately 10 years of these private lessons along with working another HKD Master (Jason Jung), Rob began the process of understanding the flow of HKD, reaching 2nd Dan.    In 2010, Rob had the opportunity to spend the next several years working with GM Julian Lim, expanding his knowledge of this martial art and finally achieving a Certificate of Completion from the KiDo and IHF seminars along with a Korea KiDo 4th Dan; IHF 5th Dan and the KiDo Certificate of Qualification.



John began training in Taekwondo ChungDoKwan at the age of eight under Master Walter Datson of Hazlehurst, GA, USA. Master Datson took a very traditional approach to teaching and training. Although he competed often, his training was well balanced with competition and self defense. Master Datson and his students are allegedly among the few in the U.S. that still focuses heavily on body conditioning in TaeKwonDo training. They would spend countless classes hitting the makiwara or performing blocks on each other to harden their natural striking surfaces.

John’s teaching and training philosophy is a reflection of the above. There is a strong focus on self defense techniques and the power in which ChungDoKwan is known for. While in the U.S. Navy he had the opportunity to train with various individuals and schools, further developing his knowledge of the martial arts. Serving as an assistant instructor at many of the schools he trained at during this time also gave him the unique opportunity to observe many different teaching styles, thus allowing him to incorporate many different teaching philosophies into his teaching style.



Bob is currently ranked as a 3 Dan in HapKiDo (4 Dan promotable) as well as a 2 Dan in TaeKwonDo. Bob is a member of a special fraternity, i.e. the Brotherhood. He served honorably with the 1st CAV, and distinguished himself in combat while serving with the US military. He is also additionally qualified as a Military Hand to Hand CQC Instructor as well as a Certified Adrenal Stress Response Instructor.


Guru Emil Fisk (Weapons Specialist)

Mr. Fisk’s martial arts experience started in 1990; in 2000, he took up the Filipino Martial Arts and since 2008 is an Authorized Instructor in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (PTK), of which he is also the National Director for Malaysia. PTK encompasses all ranges of combat, from grappling to projectile weapons, but specializes in the use of close quarter edged and impact weaponry. He is also currently ranked 4 Dan in TKD and 3 Dan in HKD.


His security experience includes that of operational training, especially that of Close Quarter Combat (“CQC”) methods, with the Philippine Marine Corps Force Recon Battalion and various special operations forces (“SOF”) of the Philippine National Police, including the Special Action Force, Aviation Security Group, Regional Mobile Groups, and Manila Special Weapons and Tactics (“SWAT”) teams.


Mr. Fisk holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Western Michigan University, and a Master of Social Sciences in Strategic and Security Analysis from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (“UKM”).